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This glue is top notch. I absolutely loved it and lasted me about 2 weeks without having to reinstall. It was great and didn’t cause any irritation and dry quick. Good quality and no wierd smell. This glue hold your wig DOWNNNNNNN

Jennifer Lewis

So I needed a glue that was waterproof got my vacation. I did 4 layers & it didn’t move or come up but the first application did smell like nail glue after that it didn’t smell. When wet it didn’t leave a residue or turn white && I loved that but do let it dry all the way because it wouldn’t stay down when I did another wig but ik it’s because I was rushing and put the wig while the glue was wet but this is great when you wanna swim


This is now my got to glue for my wigs it lasts a long time 2-3 weeks. I’ve went swimming at the beach and my wig didn’t come off. It comes off the wig clean when you remove the wig. 

Catherine Joseph

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